I love you Thursday

Yay Thursday!

I hope you had lovely Wednesdays.  My day was OK, nothing special.

Last night was TapOut Plyo.  I had mentioned that I was a bit scared and I had good reason.  Thankfully it really wasn’t much like Insanity (phew).  TapOut’s version of plyo isn’t quite as well, insane, as Insanity.

I was sweating a ton but was probably only able to do about 60% of the workout.  Lots of jumping lunges, weird pushups (of course), and compound movements involving quite a few different moves.  Even though it was hard, it was still somewhat enjoyable and again, nowhere near as repetitive as Insanity.

I think Yoga is on the schedule for tonight so we’ll see how that goes.  We didn’t get to the cycle shop last night so I think we’ll try to get there tonight.

This is the road bike that they rent. (nice little plug for the cycle shop)

It’s a Trek 1.5 Compact and retails for $1120, which is nice since it’s not the bottom of the barrel.  I think we’ll make a happy couple. 🙂  I’m kind of excited about the prospect of a new hobby.

In another random direction…

As I think I mentioned, for my birthday I got a Google Nexus, which I wanted primarily to use as an e-reader.  I just finished my second book on there, Girl Unmoored, so I was in need of a new book.

I’ve been using the free Kindle app for reading so I was browsing Amazon for their under $3.99 books (I can be a bit frugal).  While looking at one book, there was a suggestion for another book which got decent reviews and while the cover photo was a bit cheesy, the price was $0.00.  So I figured I had nothing to lose.

It downloaded and when I opened it up to read, I saw that it was a Harlequin Romance novel.  I laughed out loud and was a little embarrassed.  I laughed even more when on the first or second page a woman accidentally ran in to a man and the descriptive text had to mention her ample yet firm breasts crushing up against him.  Really????

I’m trying to be open-minded but it’s hard.  Has anyone ever read a Harlequin Romance?  Feel free to comment anonymously (ha!).  Should I just give up now?



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