They like me! They like me!

Yesterday was my busiest blog day ever!  Woo hoo!

Thank you to anyone who reads my nonsense ramblings!  So I guess people like reading about things I just don’t get.  Speaking of which, I’ve added a couple. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday is farmer’s market day down the street from my office.  I love driving by in the morning and seeing the trucks/tables/tents getting set up for the day.  I think that will be my lunchtime activity today.  Any recommendations on out-of-the-box veggies to try?

Yesterday was Day 2 of TapOut.  Still going well.  I can’t remember the name of the one we did yesterday but it was pretty much all upper body.

Just yesterday I put an official ON HOLD notice on my 100 push up challenge page.  Well let me assure you that with TapOut I am still doing a ton of push ups.  Oh my goodness!  Yesterday’s workout included lots of arm work with the resistance band they provide, then in between sets you’re on the floor doing pushups of every variation under the sun.  Intense!  Up, down, up, down.  Yikes!  Most were done on my knees.  I do fully believe that you can get just as good of a burn doing a good form knee push up as with a full push up.

What am I not loving right now about TapOut?  The band that it comes with is a bit weak which means that you have to buy more.  I had bought two earlier in the week, a Medium and a Heavy by Reebok but that Medium is just too thick.  Therefore I need to find a set that has more options.   Also, he never reminds you of how to breathe and I could honestly use the reminder as I tend to hold my breath without knowing it.  Pretty minor issues though.

Tonight is Plyo and I’m a bit scared.  Guess I’m having Insanity flashbacks.  Has anyone else done or tried Insanity and not been a fan?  Is it just me?

Honestly things here are pretty uneventful!  I subbed out my class tomorrow night so I’m teaching on Saturday only.  Actually I’m also subbing out on Labor Day which will be nice.  Sometimes teaching a class is such a great thing because it gets me to the gym and gives me at least a little workout.

My goal is to be able to bike to the gym, teach, and then bike home.  That would probably be about a 9 mile ride each way.  I think it seems do-able.

Have a great Wednesday!!  And again, thanks so much for reading, it really makes me 😀


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