where did the time go?

I know I’ve said it before, but looking at the date and seeing that today is August 28th makes me wonder where the time went.  Even more kids are going back to school today and it’s just weird.  I’ve been at my “new” job for just about 4 months now which is weird because it feels like it’s been way longer yet the summer feels short.  Time truly is relative.  It has always fascinated me that the same period of time can feel short to one person and long to another.  I’ll stop before I get all existential… 😉

Yesterday was an OK day.  In the midst of working I was also doing some research for our upcoming ride.  I have a hybrid and DJ has a mountain bike (with hybrid tires).  After doing our 16+ miles on Sunday I think we were both thinking that a road bike might make the 30 miles a bit easier, therefore I was looking in to cycle shops with rentals.  While I did find one, it’s not the most convenient, so the hunt continues today.

I got home and this happened…

(finally figured out how to insert youtube videos)

I had watched the video on the TapOut XT website yesterday at work and I liked what I saw.  I also really liked the before and after shots.

So yesterday we got started.  We both weighed ourselves and wrote it down on the little scorecard they give you.  We didn’t take before photos but apparently we’re going to do that tonight (per DJ).

My thoughts after Day 1 – not too bad.  It was tough, I’ll admit that.  While it’s not like I’m starting as a sedentary couch potato, it’s still something new and it takes time to acclimate/learn.  The moves are pretty unique with a constant focus on the core, although that could have been because this dvd is called Core Combat.  The pace is quick which helps the time pass.

We did run in to some issues with space.  Quite a few of the floor based moves require moving around and/or flipping over.  With one person this wouldn’t be an issue, but with two it required some coordination.  We’ll just have to work on that.  There were a lot of pushup based moves which were TOUGH and other than doing them on your knees, there weren’t many modifications offered.  Perhaps the thought is that you try to do what you can as opposed to modifying.  Who knows.

I’m a little sore today but it’s not terrible.

It was fun though and I look forward to doing it again today.  I’ll definitely update as I go along.

There’s not much other excitement here, so I’m back to the grind.  Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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