Things I don’t get

Ever feel like everyone is obsessed with X and you just aren’t?  I feel that way somewhat often so I figured I’d put together a list.

I’m going to make this a page as well and think it might be interesting to see how my list changes.

So here’s a teaser, head over to the page for a longer list.

  • Call Me Maybe – Still not doing it for me
  • Vibram Five Fingers

Want more…come over here.


4 thoughts on “Things I don’t get

  1. Great post! I agree with a few of your choices: Five Fingers, Tough Mudders and Crossfit for sure.
    I have to disagree with Pinterest though, since I’m addicted. I get tons of ideas for my classroom on there. I really don’t care to look at most of what others are pinning or even to share what I’m pinning, I just like to have it all in one place.

    Here are a few things off the top of my head that I would add: Toms shoes, Facebook (I know, I have a Chrispins page, but I hate having a personal page), and my neighbor just got a Mini Cooper (which is really cute), but she has these crazy ‘eyelashes’ on the headlights. Weird…

    1. Wow, just googled mini cooper eyelashes. I had no clue such a thing existed. Bizarre!!!

      I will allow you Pinterest. 😉

      Yeah, I don’t really get Toms shoes either and Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship (although more often hate).

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