Thank you all for your birthday wishes!  I hope I wasn’t too much of a brat about it.  🙂

Like so many days do, it came and went.  Friday at work wasn’t too crazy so I was able to step out for a nice lunch with DJ and then leave at 5 on the dot.  Plus, both my parents/sis and DJ sent me flowers, which was a lovely treat!

Friday night was busy with cleaning and cooking.  I made a BLT pasta salad which tasted OK that night but didn’t have much flavor the next day.  It was super easy and good in theory, but I’m not sure I’ll make it again.  I also made the honey peanut butter granola for the Saturday class and that went over well.  It’s easy to make and kind of a crowd pleaser.  Here’s the recipe.

Saturday was chaos.  Ha!  I taught in the morning so at least that was good and uneventful but right after class it was errands and set up and non-stop movement until my family showed up around 3:15.  I had to buy a bunch of things at Walmart and the dollar store, pick up a keg, get home and move things around, clean some more, pick up the catered food, and oh yeah, shower, make myself presentable and get dressed.  Long list!

But it was well worth it when people started showing up.  I don’t really understand why NO ONE SHOWS UP ON TIME (ever!).  When did that happen?  The BBQ was called for 3/4 and I’d say people didn’t really start showing up until 5:30ish.  As a planner, this sort of thing kind of drives me nuts.  Oh well.  It was fun, lots of good food.  But boy was I exhausted.  I think I could have called it a night at 9p.  Old Lady!

Sunday was cleanup which thanks to some amazing neighbors and friends, really wasn’t so bad.  We then dug extremely deep to find the motivation to go for a bike ride.  Given that my ride is 13 days away, it’s no longer optional.  Thankfully once we got out it was fine.  We ended up doing about 16 miles, so I’d say it was a success.  DJ took the lead and I have to say that for a good part of the ride I had no clue where we were, which made it kind of fun.  We live in an area with some HUGE houses, so I love looking at everything as we pass by.

Once we got home and relaxed a bit the soreness/exhaustion hit.  I was pretty achy and tired and then I got a massive headache.  I called it a night around 9:15 and am happy to say that while my headache is still here, I’m not too sore today.

Those 30 miles are going to be totally do-able.

I cut myself a lot of slack on eating and working out this past week, so it’s back to the grind.  I agreed do to TapOut with DJ so that starts tonight.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

With that, have a great Monday!!!


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