August 21

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday!

It’s only the second day of the week and I’ve already failed with my gym plan for the week.  However I’m not too upset/disappointed.  It is what it is and waking up at 5a to go to the gym was just not happening today.  Thing is, I was awake.  I woke up a bit before 5, so that wasn’t the issue.  The issue was that I just didn’t want to be at the gym, so the motivation lacked.  Oh well.

I did however get in a quick and effective workout on Monday night.  Another reason I wasn’t really too enthused is because i’m not a fan of the night/morning workout combo, it’s just not enough rest time.  It would have been less than 12 hours.

I use the Tabata method in spin a lot.  I love it for interval work on the bike and think that members love/hate it too.  However I’d never used that methodology for strength training.  Until last night.

Once again, I took advantage of a workout posted by Blonde Ponytail.  (If I actually had a lot of readers, she should probably thank me for the referrals.) 😉

I’m finally realizing that the internet is a wonderful place for workout ideas.  I’m loving that I can jot down a workout and then know exactly what to do at the gym without having to really think about it.

Yesterday I used her ab workout which was tabata style.  She recommended 3 sets, I did 2.  My abs were burning by the end of the 2nd so I figured I’d stop at 2, then based upon my soreness decide whether or not to stick with 2 or move on to 3 going forward.

Here’s her workout…

1. Modified V-up variation
2. Ankle taps
3. Plank cross-unders
4. Side plank raise (one side)
5. Side plank raise (other side)
6. Russian twists

2 sets of these six exercises done tabata style only takes 6 minutes.  Nice!  I’m a little sore today, but not too bad.  I’m thinking maybe I should have eeked out the third set.

After that I did a repeat of the arm workout from last week but tabata style.  While doing it this way probably had me doing fewer reps, the fast pace of moving from one exercise to the next kept my heart rate up and left me breathing pretty heavily at the end.

It was fun! I think i’m hooked on this methodology even more than before!

Came home to the off-the-hook salad for dinner.  Nothing like a big salad to negate your efforts at the gym, but man was it good!  I know I posted about this salad before but I can’t seem to find it, will fix that later today.

Tonight is my first ever fantasy football draft.  I have no clue so it should be interesting.  Wish me luck!

And now it’s time to work.  Have a great day!

Birthday girl in 3 days! 😀


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