Here we go!

And it’s a new week!  Just not feeling work today but hoping that that feeling passes.  I think I just need a break or a vacation or something.  We’re closing early on Thursday for an employee appreciation event and then Labor Day is really just around the corner.

How were the weekends?

Here’s a recap on my weekend.



It arrived!  The much anticipated pizza oven was set to be delivered between 12-5p.  I guess I shouldn’t really have been surprised when I got home at 5:30p and had the privilege of driving up behind the delivery truck.  And of course it’s not like it’s plug and play.  First of all, this beast gets dropped in your driveway and then getting it to its desired location is on you.  Not so fun.

I took to setting up the stand with the crappy directions they provided, while 4 (yes 4) guys worked on moving the top to the backyard.  It took some time (and frustration) but we had it set up by about 7:30p.  Thing was, the bricks (the cooking surface) and two metal straps over them to prevent them from moving during shipment.  Not sure if you’ve ever tried to cut metal, but it’s not easy, nor fun.  After much trial and error we ended up calling in a favor to the contractor that did my kitchen/bathrooms.  He came over with his brother and a boatload of tools.  In the end, the sawsall did it.  Crazy.

Of course he just had to try it out, so we ended up doing some taste testing from about 11p-1a.  Late!!  Very tasty!


As I’m sure you can imagine, I was tired.  Woke up around 7a on Saturday and struggled a bit.  Made it to the gym and taught.  Always a good class there.  Although it was a dramatic day.  Right as the 9a Zumba class was ending the instructor went down.  She did something to her ankle and ended up having to be carried out of the room.  After class I went to the Dollar Store only to witness a verbal fight between the woman in line in front of me and an employee.  Words were exchanged and overall it was dramatic and ugly.  I just kept saying to myself “Where am I???”   Thankfully the rest of Saturday was uneventful.  We had a luau to go to which was fun.


Headed in to the city to see my sister and hit up the High Line.  Well, I’ll just say we had lunch and then someone wasn’t feeling well, so we headed home.  So we essentially went in to the city for lunch.  Got closer to the high line than last time (rained out by Hurricane Irene), so maybe third time’s the charm?

And now we’re at Monday.  After a weekend filled with too much pizza (is there such a thing), I’m ready for a solid gym week.

I’m going to put my plan in writing to try to keep me accountable:
Monday – gym – cardio, maybe a little strength
Tuesday – gym before work, maybe a little HIIT
Wednesday – gym after work
Thursday – most likely no gym, although I may try to squeeze it in
Friday – most likely no gym since we’re hosting a BBQ on Saturday and I have to cook, plus it will be my bday 🙂
Saturday – teach

Fingers crossed I can pull it off!

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!!


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