Friday thoughts

Happy Friday to you and Happy Almost Birthday to me!! (one week!!)

Lot’s going through my head today…so i’ll try to download it.

Thursday night was good.  I got stuck at work later than planned so I was a bit frantic about making it to the gym for my 6:45p class.  Thankfully that ended up being a non-issue.  At 6:40p I had one person.  Uh oh.  6:43, 2 people.  Somehow I ended up with 8.  Score!  (just a bit of sarcasm here)  Class was actually decent.  I don’t like this gym but the 8 worked hard and had some energy.  I did a 45 minute ride instead of the hour and told them I needed to get back to work after, everyone was fine with it.  Stayed after to help one woman with her setup.  I always like being able to talk to riders one-on-one.

All was good, or so I thought.  In walks one of the 8.  Now some background.  It was your usual class.  I was on the bike working with everyone else.  I did hop off at one point to shut the door, another time to get a paper towel and then another time to plug in my ipod charger when I realized it was in danger of dying. Business as usual really.  So anyway, in walks this guy.  He’s wearing a white vneck tshirt and has some sort of snooty sounding accent.  Here’s a rough outline of the conversation (please do his part in your head in a snooty accent)

Me:  Hi there (as he walks over to me)
Him:  Hello.  Um, I’m curious as to how long this class is.  I thought an hour. (don’t forget the accent!)
Me: Yes, usually it is, but I got tied up at work and have to get back to finish things up, so I only did 45 minutes.
Him:  Are you feeling OK?
Me:  Yes, I’m fine, just need to be somewhere.
Him:  Hmmm.  So is the instructor supposed to be in the class with everyone.
Me:  Not sure I know what you mean
Him:   Is the instructor supposed to ride with the class?
Me:  Yes, although it’s up to the instructor.  Didn’t you see me on the bike?  I was riding with you.
Him:  Were you really?
Me:  Yes, didn’t you see me?
Him:  Maybe not so much, maybe 50%?
(this is where I got annoyed)
Me:  Really?  OK, whatever you say. 
Him:  I’m just trying to understand how things work here.
Me:  Well, the instructors can do whatever they want.
Him:  Well, I thought that the instructor should ride.
Me:   You’re entitled to your opinion.  (He starts to walk out.) Perhaps you should find another instructor.

I was very annoyed by this whole interaction.  If this person ever takes my class again I will make sure to teach the entire class standing next to my bike just to assure he doesn’t come back.  It was almost like he wanted to pick a fight with me.  Ugh.

Ever had a similar situation?

After a bunch of errands I headed home for dinner.  I used a new to me product from my August foodie pen pal (details to come at another time).

So there had been a hiccup with our original pizza oven, but not to worry, a replacement was ordered.  And…it’s being delivered today!  DJ is like a kid in a candy store, buying cook books, special high gluten flour, and all sorts of tools.  So once he knew it was coming today he stayed up last night making dough.  Tonight he’s having a test the oven out pizza party and me and a few friends will be guinea pigs.  Details on Monday.

This weekend should be a great one.  Tomorrow is class and then a luau and then Sunday we’re going to head in to the city and likely hit up the High Line and it’s food trucks and beer garden.  Should be great!

Any fun weekend plans?  Any interesting gym stories?  Any good jokes?  🙂

Oh yes, one more question…Quinoa.  Have any of you had an experience where the Quinoa specifies it doesn’t need to be washed, so you don’t wash it, and then when you cook it it’s incredibly bitter?  If so, what did I do wrong and/or how do I prevent this from happening?  I had to throw out a whole batch.

 Happy weekend to you all!


2 thoughts on “Friday thoughts

  1. That guy needs to find a new gym!
    I’ve never rinsed quinoa and it has been OK. I use Village Harvest brand that I find at my local grocery store (the brand also carries a delicious brown Jasmine rice). Maybe try cooking it in broth or with a few spices?

    1. I’ll have to see what brand I bought. I cooked it with chicken stock and I thought it tasted fine while I was cooking it, but once I actually sat down to eat it, boy was it bitter. I wonder if maybe I overcooked it?

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