Spaghetti arms

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I’m a bit tired today but overall feeling good.  I was up bright and early to sub out yet another sparsely attended spin class at 6a.  I left the house about 5:20, it was dark.  There was maybe a light drizzle, but there was a ton of lightning which kept lighting up the sky.  It was almost a bit eerie but at the same time very cool.  Sun is shining now but it’s supposed to rain again this afternoon.

But yes, class was lackluster.  At 6a, I had exactly one person.  I thought to myself, if the class doesn’t happen, should I work out or just go home. 😉  Then I saw another guy, and finally we got to 5.  Wow, right?  They’re a really nice group so it was fine, just small.

Got to work this morning and saw this in the parking lot.

It’s a Hummer.  Nothing too crazy about that.  Where the irony exists is that those two spots are designated “green” spots and are supposed to be for cars that are hybrids or get good mileage (or something like that).  You can’t really see that on the signs, but trust me, it’s the case.  Now who the heck would even have the cahones to park their HUMMER in that spot?  Honestly, even if it were a hybrid…  Kind of want to punch the owner.  But anyway…

To rewind a bit, last night was nice.  I left work right around 5 (always a bonus) and hit up the gym for a little cardio and upperbody punishment work.  I had put together an arm workout based upon Jess at Blonde Ponytail and some of the other GNC contributors.

I was at the gym for about an hour, that’s it.  Love that!

I started off with a mile run.  I did .4miles at 6.0, .3miles at 6.5, .2miles and 7.0 and .1miles at 7.5.  For someone who is slow, this was tough.  The last .3 was the roughest…although to be honest, the tail end of the 6.5 section wasn’t exactly fun either.

Then to the arms.  Here’s a list of what I did.  I repeated it twice.  Most of it came from Jess and she has a video that you can find here.

Pushups to a T
Walking Planks
Hand release push ups
High pull lawn mowers
Side Laterals
Tricep dips on the floor
Bicep curls

Now some notes:
Jess’s exercises are the first 5 and she suggests 10 of each, repeated 4 times.  I used 10 as a goal but for some could only manage 8.
I had both 8 and 10 pound dumbbells and used 8 the first set, 10 the second.  For the side lateral raises I used 10, and the bicep curls I used 15.
For the tricep dips I did 20.  I didn’t love this but was trying really hard to not need any additional equipment.
The first 4 exercises were by far the hardest.

Like I said, I did this twice and then called it a day.  I loved having a list of what to do and being able to keep moving through it.  I will definitely be using a similar method again soon.

So how do I feel today?  Sporadically sore.  My legs are sore, kind of funny since it was an arms workout.  Although the run was uncharacteristic and a couple of the exercises involve squats.   My arms are a little sore but nothing crazy, but perhaps that’s delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Guess we’ll see tomorrow.  If not, time to step it up.

In case you couldn’t have guessed, I’ve put the 100 push up program on hold.  I will get back to it, I just need to build up my fitness a bit first.  Anyone still doing it?

Back to the grind.  Happy hump day!


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