August 13

I just couldn’t come up with a clever title this morning, so when all else fails, go with the date.  Can’t piss anyone off that way.

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had lovely weekends.  Mine was good, pretty low-key overall.  Thursday and Friday of last week I was wiped and that exhaustion transferred in to the weekend with me.  By Sunday I was better.  Not back to normal though so I ended up taking a nap mid day yesterday which then bit me in the butt when I tried to call it an early night last night.  I was up at 5a this morning and probably didn’t fall asleep until after 1am.  Not ideal.

I taught Saturday morning and again this morning.  Saturday rocked, this morning was lackluster.  I really liked the ride I put together though. It has a bunch of current music (some may call it top 40), so it may get dated fast, but for now, it works.

I was just feeling the “fire” coloring.

I’m a little obsessed with Some Nights by Fun.  I think it sounds like an old classic rock song yet it’s new.  I also think it reminds me a bit of Rush but since I’m not a huge Rush fan, I could totally be thinking of another band.  As usual, any questions about this ride, feel free to comment.

I just about made it to work this morning to realize that I had DJs keys.  Oops.  Back home to drop them off.  Thankfully traffic was light today so I made it home and back to work pretty quickly.  Big bonus was getting to see Minnie’s face.  So obsessed.

In other news, DJ and I are going to be the proud owners of a wood burning pizza oven.  DJ has been drooling over something like this for months, but they’re not cheap, so it wasn’t something to enter in to lightly.  Long story short, ebay deal, coupon, and boom, it’s ours.  Can’t wait for the pizzas he will cook on that thing.  More to come when it gets delivered.

Just got invited to a fantasy football league.  Never done that before, should be interesting.  Beginner’s luck maybe?

Have a fab Monday!!


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