We made it

It’s Friday!  I’m soooo happy about that.  It’s been an exhausting week and I’m glad it’s winding down.

I just ate some full fat Fage for breakfast.  Thankfully I had only bought two, so now they’re done with.  But they did taste very good and creamy.  Saturated fat, yum.  I kid.

Last night I had dinner with an awesome friend who I don’t see nearly enough.  She lives about 75 miles away, which is an odd distance since it’s not necessarily far enough to warrant a full weekend trip, yet it’s also far enough to make getting together a bit challenging.  But we make it work and it’s always a blast.

We went to dinner at Barcelona, which is a Spanish/tapas restaurant with a few locations in the area.  If there were a dinner where I should have whipped out my camera, this would have been it.  But since I didn’t, you’ll have to just read and imagine what we ate.

Like I said, it’s tapas and we went a bit overboard since so many things sounded great.  The lineup:

Watermelon salad – yellow and pink watermelon with cheese (I think feta)
Gazpacho – on the house and sooooo delicious and garden fresh
Herbed Goat Cheese and mushrooms – herby and cheesy
Fried local cabbage – possibly the best thing we had
Chicken empanadas – never met an empanada I didn’t like
Ceviche – can’t remember which fish it was made with but it was citrusy and fresh

I love meals where you just keep eating. 🙂  (there goes the “don’t be a pig” goal for August)  It sounds like it was a lot but the portions are on the smaller side so while I was satisfied after dinner, I wasn’t stuffed.

And now it’s Friday!  Hooray!  Very few plans and my goal is to just relax and do what makes me happy.  Looks like the weather isn’t supposed to be so great but I plan on making the best of it and getting in some quality time with dog-face. 🙂

Any fun weekend plans?

I’m excited to teach tomorrow since last week my class was cancelled.  I’m also subbing the 6a class next Monday and Wednesday, should be interesting.

Have a great weekend!


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