It finally happened

I became one of those people/bloggers who took a picture of her frozen yogurt.  I couldn’t help it.  I felt like my blog wasn’t a legit blog without one of those pictures. 😉


PB and low sugar chocolate yogurt (chocolate was odd), blueberries, strawberries, oreo cookies, brownie crumbs, and a little dark chocolate sauce

And His

Not even sure…pb and birthday cake yogurt, captain crunch, cinnamon toast crunch, heath, pb filled pretzels, maybe kit kat, and those random worms

I tried his and it was just too many flavors.  At least mine stuck with fruit/chocolate as the theme for the most part.  The low sugar chocolate had a weird maraschino cherry flavor to it so i’m wondering if maybe it was tart yogurt.  It was OK, just took some getting used to.

We went out to dinner and since we hadn’t ordered a ton decided it was time to try yet another frozen yogurt place.  Years without going to a pay by the ounce place and then twice in one week.

Prior to dinner I hit the gym for a quick strength workout since I had taught in the AM.  Did some upper body work, a few deadlifts and squats and then some ab work.  It was quick but that was OK.

I was having stomach issues so I didn’t feel like staying.  Not to give too much detail, but the stomach issues are bloating/gas (gross, right?).  They just leave me feeling like my lower abdomen is a balloon.  So I took a look at what I ate yesterday…raisin bran cereal and unsweetened apple sauce, some Annie’s graham bears, whole wheat flat with turkey, mango, lettuce, tomato, and mustard, cherry tomatoes, some almonds, a nectarine, a plum, and cherries.

Not a ton of stomach issue causing foods there.  I’m actually wondering if maybe it was the fruit.  I originally thought gluten and tried to remove that.  Granted I only did it for a couple of days though, so I guess it’s still a possibility. Ugh.

Dinner tonight is with a friend from two jobs ago.  Can’t wait.  Plus she’s going to meet dog face which is always fun for me.  I love it when I make lasting friendships at work.  Unfortunately my last job didn’t result in may friendships since I worked in solitary confinement from home.

Have a GREAT Thursday!!


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