It should be the afternoon already

It should.

My alarm went of at 4:55a.  Yes, you read that right.  I woke up around 4:15a, looked at the clock and then thankfully went back to bed.  When the alarm went off I had just had some weird dreams…more on that later.

Out of bed and off to the gym to teach a 5:45a 45 minute cycle class.  It was OK.  I noticed that both the Monday and Tuesday classes had 18 people while today there were only 10.  Maybe people knew there was a sub or maybe the Monday/Tuesday folks lie.  Is it odd that I even came up with that second possibility?

I was definitely anxious about teaching the early class.  I haven’t woken up that early in ages so it was definitely on my mind all night and my dreams reflected that (for the most part).  My main dream involved a bizarre spin class in which it started with another instructor doing a class and then turning it over to me.  I had 7 minutes to teach.  I started and then all the people hopped off their bikes and came to the front of the room because they wanted to Zumba.  They started dancing and I pretty much said, “not sure what to do with this.”  So, I was happy when the actual members in class stayed on their bikes.

My other dream was just WEIRD and involved a character from the Real Housewives of NY.  Anyone see the episode with the trip to FL and the creepy father?  Well, if so, he was in my dream and he was my blind date.  WEIRD and disturbing.

The class itself was just OK.  But by the time I got to work at 8:30a I had been up for almost 4 hours, so it felt like it should have been lunch time.  Oh well.  I’m feeling good now and just hoping I don’t crash later in the day.


Laurie posted some goals for august and I thought it might be a good bandwagon to jump on.  Perhaps it can help hold me accountable.

  • Run more – pretty self-explanatory
  • Bike more – need to “train” for my ride on Sept 9th
  • Lift more
  • Attempt to begin the process to determine what foods are pissing off my stomach (possible plans to eliminate gluten and dairy, or at least pay more attention to how I feel after eating them to start)
  • Read more – now that I have my Nexus, I should have no excuses
  • Do more fun things – I feel like the summer has flown by and I’ve done next to nothing that I couldn’t do any other time of year
  • Try not to be a pig – blunt but you get the idea

These seem pretty do-able to me, so we’ll see how the month plays out.  Any fun/interesting goals for you?


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