Liebster Award

I’ve never been nominated for any of those blogger awards.  Until today.  Thanks Laurie!  It means that someone other than me is actually reading this! 😉

Since I’m a total virgin when it comes to this sort of thing, hopefully I don’t mess it up.

I’m not quite sure what a “Liebster” is, or means.  Can anyone enlighten me?

But here are the rules…

Tell 11 facts about yourself, answer the questions posed by person who nominated you, make up 11 questions of your own, and nominate 11 people.

11 facts about me…
My birthday is in 17 days! 😀
I strongly dislike black olives
I have a weird fear of other people falling down the stairs and taking me with them
I have a fascination with prisons
I love to watch TV
I really want to go to Antarctica
My family is ridiculously close
I just posted a very embarassing picture on Facebook from when I was little
I work for an IT company and never thought i’d end up in this field
Part of me still wants to be a doctor
I broke my arm when I was 12 in a school bus accident coming home from camp

Laurie’s Questions…

1. What is your favorite Olympic event to watch? – Good question, maybe gymnastics, or trampoline, or cycling.  Hmmmm.
2. What event would you participate in if you had unlimited talent?  Trying to be somewhat realistic, I’d say cycling.
3. What is your favorite quote?  “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford
4. What is your favorite way to work out?  Spin!!
5. Have you seen The Dark Knight Rises, and is it not the best movie ever? I’ve never even seen the Dark Knight, I’m horrible with movies!
6. Best movie you’ve seen recently?  See above, don’t see many movies so I can’t even think of something recent
7. What is your favorite memory?  This is a hard one, definitely something related to growing up and being with my family, not sure what specifically.
8. What are you currently reading?  Mockingjay (3rd in Hunger Games series)
9. If you are married, what were your wedding colors, and if you aren’t — what colors do you think they will be?  I seem to get less and less traditional with each passing month, but I do love navy, so maybe navy and yellow???
10. Favorite movie trilogy?  I’ve never watched more than two movies in a series.  Oops!
11. Favorite beverage?  Water (boring!)
And now my questions..
Favorite sport?
Favorite sports team?
Dream vacation destination?
Favorite destination you’ve already been?
Favorite animal?
If you had to rename yourself, what name would you choose?
How many states have you been to?
Favorite food?
Favorite song right now?
Have you ever been SCUBA diving?
Can you sing?
And my nominations…this is kind of sad but I don’t think I have more than 1..or I do, but these people have already been nominated.
So Chris at Chrispins, this one’s for you! 😀

One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. Hey, thanks for the lovely nomination! I’m going to work on those questions and trying to think of enough interesting things about myself that I haven’t already divulged. I should be posting it along with my end of the week playlist. Happy hump-day!

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