Good morning and Happy Friday!  We made it!!

What’s on the agenda for you fine folks this weekend?  For me it’s dinner with a friend tonight, spin then family time tomorrow, and then possibly my first bike ride in ages on Sunday, plus a visit to a local arts fest.  Should be a good one!!

First though, I have to get through the work day.  Not so fun.

My gym habit this past week has stunk.  Of course part of it was due to circumstances out of my control, but still…back to it tomorrow!  100 Push ups week 2 take 2 was a wash, so I may just start over from week 1.  Looks like the 6 week program is going to take me at least 8!

DJ just started a new workout regimen.  He’s a fan of at home workouts (I am not) but after watching part of this one, I’m intrigued.

It’s called Tapout.  (I tried to embed a video but apparently WordPress doesn’t like that.)  Here are some photos, search for it on youtube if you’re curious.

Previously we had done Insanity! and honestly, while some people love it, I wasn’t a fan.  My biggest beef with it was that it was too repetitive.  There was a ton of jumping around (which made me worry about falling through the floor to the garage), but you did the same thing too many times.  I just couldn’t really motivate to do it.

From what I saw this morning, Tapout is more about strength and core work done at a quick pace with little rest.  That’s way more my speed.  They use resistance bands and do a lot of pushups. 

It’s a 90 day program and I told DJ that maybe i’d join him in week 2. 

Have you heard of Tapout?  Done it?  Have you done Insanity?  What did you think?  Any other favorites?

Time to up the productivity and get some work done.  Have a great weekend!!


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