I almost went a day without posting.  Seeing as I’ve been so good and consistent, that would have been such a travesty! 😉

So…boot camp didn’t happen.  Slight emergency to deal with.  Won’t go in to details but everything is OK, I just couldn’t get to the gym.  I already know the trainer is going to give me a hard time.  But I had a reason.  A good reason.  And believe me, I really wanted to go and was looking forward to it all day.  Next week for sure!

Tonight will also probably fall by the wayside due to an additional errand as a result of yesterday’s emergency.  Do you like the air of mystery?

So let’s see…

I’m most likely going to sign up for a 30 mile bike ride to benefit the Guide Dog Foundation.  My grandfather was incredibly active with this organization and so I have always had a fond spot in my heart for them.  After he passed away I learned about this ride and really wanted to do it.  Unfortunately for the past two years I’ve always had a scheduling conflict.  Not this year!  It should be great in that it gives me something to work towards but also has great meaning to me and my family.  More to come on the training etc. that I’ll be doing.

That’s about it today. It’s Thursday, I’m happy about that.

Catch ya on the flip side!!


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