My love affair with Groupon

It’s getting serious…

Thing is, I think I’m not the only woman…

The more the merrier?  
Ha!  Yes, with Groupon, the more the merrier.

Over the past 2 or so months, I’ve ordered quite a few things from Groupon…
Minnie’s glow leash (amazing!)
Magnetic balls – a desk toy
A knife set – self-explanatory
A Picture It On Canvas 24×30 canvas – I bought one of these back in October-ish, so this is my second

I love a good deal so I guess it really is no surprise that Groupon calls to me like this.  Thing is, those $25 for $50 to a restaurant deals do nothing for me…I want at least 60% off! 🙂  Greedy.

Now let me just say that Groupon Goods offers come one of two ways, with shipping included or with shipping extra.  The leash and magnetic balls both had shipping included, the knives were an extra $5.

The leash took almost a month to arrive, the balls took about a month and a half.  The knives took maybe a week.  Big difference for $5.  The balls took so long that Groupon sent out an apology email and gave me a $5 credit.  Appreciated.

Anyone else on the Groupon bandwagon??


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