Good afternoon!

A quick post…I’m looking for some help.  I always like to make decisions off of some sort of logic or reasoning, and today I’m thinking recommendations are the way to go…

Can anyone recommend a protein powder?  I haven’t done the protein powder thing in quite sometime, but when I did, I was using Myofusion.  I liked it because it tasted pretty good and had a relatively low calorie count.  If you can recommend another brand which fits these parameters, please do.  I’m starting to miss my smoothies.

Can anyone recommend a food dehydrator?  Yup, definitely not something I ever thought I’d be looking in to.  I did a little online research but sometimes personal recommendations from people I know are more powerful (and helpful).

Does anyone feel strongly about their dog food?  (sorry, two dog posts in two days…oops).  I know Minnie has heartburn but I’m thinking maybe her food is what’s causing it.

Can’t help with either of these?  Care to recommend anything?  Just shoot me a comment with something you’d recommend.  I’m game!

Need a recommendation for something?  Again, feel free to leave a comment and one of my gazillion readers just may have a suggestion.


3 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. I use Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder. Taste is not so good, but it’s bland enough that it blends well into a fruity smoothie. They do have vanilla and chocolate flavors – I just haven’t tried yet.
    I switched Kostas to Eukanuba Naturally Wild – he’s had the venison and the salmon versions. He had minor digestive issues before I switched him to that and now he’s fine.

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