Weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday!  I hope you had lovely weekends!

My weekend was nice.  Friday night I managed to revamp an existing playlist and will post it later today.  My Hill Repeats ride is a favorite as I think riders can really push themselves, however I felt that the music was a bit stale.  Some relatively easy substitutions and the ride was good as new for Saturday.

Prior to class I took care of my push-ups.  Hard but do-able.  I’m one week in and will post on the 100 push-ups page.

The rest of Saturday was spent being a little lazy and then heading to a graduation/18th birthday party.

Sunday we hit the gym for a 9:45a spin class.  I’m definitely trying to take more spin classes but it really is hard when I find fault in so many things.  Overall the class yesterday was OK.  His music was fine.  This particular gym has a mic in a stand that is located near the bike.  What this means is that to use it the instructor kind of has to lean over.  Not ideal.  About 25% of the time I had no clue what he was saying.  My issue with the class is that numerous times (in all hand positions), he instructed the class to remove the bounce and hold their body steady.  He even said something about how it will strengthen your core and define your waist (if I heard him right).

In the wise words of Jennifer Sage…Isolations: AKA Freezes. Benefit: NONE! It causes tension in the muscles and pain in the joints. I’ve never figured this one out, why instructors teach this. It does nothing for balance, as some say. It does nothing for core, as some say. If you want to train your core – get on a stability ball! Because the bike doesn’t flex, you must allow the energy created by the legs to dissipate through your upper body; Isolating or freezing stops this energy – and it goes right into a joint. No benefit: Risk is mostly discomfort and inefficiency.

I think that spin instructors probably hate me as a participant because I don’t always listen to them (just what I complained of last week).  However, I do listen provided that what they’re telling me is right.  I was in the position he was prompting, I just wasn’t removing the bounce.  Also, when he led jumps, I did them, just slower.  His 4 count was more like my 2 count, so I stuck with my 4 count and was behind everyone else.  I hope he didn’t find this distracting but at the same time almost wanted to be confronted so I could explain the reasoning.  Wonder where argumentative Jessica came from?  (perhaps seeing a class of almost 50 people follow the wrong moves????)

So….the rest of Sunday was erranding and pool time.  Then DJ made pizza on the grill (yum!!).  At the supermarket earlier in the day, DJ came up to me all excited with a bag of key limes and said “can you make key lime pie???”.  Sure, I said.  And yes, I did make key lime pie, but let me tell you, juicing those mini-limes was a PAIN.  I have no interest in doing that again.  After all that effort, the pie looked good but tasted only OK as there was too much juice in it (I think) and it was bitter.  Oh well, live and learn…

Have a great Monday and I’ll post the revised ride later today or early tomorrow.


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