Nike through my years

When I was a child, I played sports like soccer, basketball, and softball.  However I probably played more because my parents signed me up and less because I actually enjoyed it.  In middle-school I played softball and soccer.  By high school the teams had gotten more competitive and my lack-of skill shut me out.  At that point I picked up tennis. I had taken tennis lessons in camp and liked it.  The tennis team didn’t turn anyone away, you’d just play  “exhibition” games, meaning they didn’t count…at all.  I had fun with it but really wasn’t any good (even with lessons).  In college I stayed with tennis but still on an “exhibition” type level.

I’m telling you this to relay the fact that I was never particularly athletic.  And while I liked the idea of being athletic, it just wasn’t me at that time.  But I did try to look the part.

I always like sneakers, but I liked the more aesthetic side.  I will always remember my first big spend on sneakers.  I looked everywhere and then ordered them through Eastbay catalog (not online at the time).

Maybe not exactly these, but really close.

What’s funny to me is that I wanted these shoes SO badly that when they arrived and weren’t exactly the same (the front part of one shoe was a slightly different color than the other), I ignored it and kept them anyway.  I’d never do that now!

When I went away to college I had a ridiculous number of sneakers but again, all were worn primarily for fashion.

Then the shox phase happened.


Somewhere in this time range I realized that I needed to start working out, so I started going to the gym and doing some cardio/weights.  While these shoes looked awesome (in my mind), I quickly found that they felt like crap on my feet.  Thus began the process of podiatrists and orthotics.

Once I realized my feet were pretty bad, I left Nike behind for ages.  I’d look at their shoes, think how pretty they were, then try them on and automatically dismiss them.

Only last year did I venture back in to Nike territory, once again, based primarily on appearances.  I bought a pair to accommodate my orthotics and use at the gym on non-cardio days.  This time though, I was a bit smarter and wore my sister’s sneakers for a day first.


These worked well for a bit but over time they wore out and really weren’t that comfortable.  Plus, putting my hefty orthotics in them made them shallow and my foot (and socks) would sometimes slip.

Last weekend we hit up a Nike Run store in town.  I had zero plans of buying anything but wonder oh wonder, they were having a sale and quite a few sneaks were on sale.  Just like old times, the aesthetics drew me in.  This time though, I thought that maybe I should attempt to buy a shoe that is truly comfortable and also attempt to go without my orthotics (for shorter periods of time).

What I learned was that the shoe I was looking at came in a v1, v2, and v3 (or something like that).  I thought those were “editions” of the shoe and the v3 was therefore the newest.  Wrong.  Apparently those numbers correspond to support and the higher the number, the more supportive.  Of course the first shoe I tried was pretty and also a v1.  It was uncomfortable!  For some reason I then tried on a racing shoe.  When will I learn?  Lastly I was given the v5 and for the first time all day, it was comfortable!  Since they were on sale for $60 i figured it was a pretty low risk chance to take, so I went with it.

This photo doesn’t even show how bright they are.

I still have no plans to try to run in these, but will give them a go with weight training and walking.  Stay tuned for how my transition back to Nike goes.

Yay or nay on Nike for your workouts?

*as a note, there were way more sneakers involved, these are just the highlights


3 thoughts on “Nike through my years

  1. I used to be Nike girl – never for running, but for walking/working outs. Now I’m Mizuno all the way! I have 3 pair of Wave Creations in rotation–1 specifically for running, 1 for walking/gym, and 1 for out at the farm (walking through grass and dirt).

      1. 2 for Mizuno!
        I had Mizunos for running two shoes ago. I had every intention to buy another pair of them this last round but for some reason none of them felt “right”. I’m currently running in Brooks PureFlows.

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