Friday music…

Good morning, TGIF!  We made it!

Since I now have a commute to work, I spend way more time in the car listening to the radio than I used to.  I want to hear music, not talk, so I’m a chronic scanner.  I jump from one station to another like they’re hot coals on fire. What drives me nuts about this is when the same song is on more than one station.  Three that that seems to happen a lot with lately are 1) Scream by Usher 2) Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson (ugh) and 3) Where Have You Been by Rihanna.  Seriously, last night Scream was on 3 stations at the same time.  So much for variety!  I really like Scream but after such overload it gets old fast.

Last night I downloaded a few new songs.
Hands up in the Air – Timbaland featuring Neyo
Skrillex – A few songs as I’m still undecided on whether their sound pumps me up or gives me a headache
Deadmau5 – Not ashamed to admit that it took me years to realize his name wasn’t  pronounce “Deadmaufive”.  Thanks to Amanda at Spin Muse for that!

In keeping with the theme of music, I figured I’d open the floor to a question from a reader.  (See, people really do read this!)

His words…I do Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” for jumps and the students love to sing-along. When I ask them what they want, the yell “More, More, More!” along with Billy. Unfortunately, “Rebel Yell” is getting overused, and I can’t think of another 80-110 BPM song that people can sing along with.

In my response I told him that I’m pretty clueless about BPMs but I suggested Mony Mony (although perhaps too similar to Rebel Yell) and Warrior by Patti Smyth.  I’m still thinking so if any of you have ideas, please comment.

I’d love to put together a new ride for class tomorrow but don’t want to make any promises as I’m not quite sure what the evening has in store.  As for the weekend, I’ve got a party tomorrow and then no plans on Sunday, which I’m thrilled about.  Provided it’s sunny like they say, I’m thinking pool time.

Have happy and safe weekends!


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