A to Z all about meeeee!

I saw this “survey” on Lauren’s blog and thought it was a good idea for a day when I just wasn’t sure what to talk about.  I guess it’s just listing something that you think of for each letter.  Sounds easy enough, right?

A – Antarctica or Africa – toss-up since they’re both ranked at the top of my travel bucket-list.
B – Boston – we’re thinking about doing a trip up later in the summer.  DJ has never been and I’m a big fan of the city.
C – Cookies – I’ve been making the most delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and keep forgetting to post the recipe.  Soon, I promise.
D – Dahlias – one of my favorite types of flower.
E – Eggplant – no real reason, it just came to mind.
F – Family – enough said. 😀
G – Grandparents
H – HOT!
I – Igloo – see above.
J – July – how is it possible?
K – Kale – haven’t seen much of it around this season, hmmm.
L – Love
M – Minnie! – I am in awe of how much I love this pup!
N – Nutella!!!
O – Ocean – I really need to make it a point to get to an ocean beach this summer (CT is on the sound and our beaches are yucky, just my $0.02).
P – Penguins – I love penguins and they drive the reasoning for my “A” response.
Q – Quilt – when my grandfather passed away I grabbed a bunch of his old shirts with hopes to create some quilted pillows with the fabric.  Unfortunately life got in the way and it still hasn’t happened.  I need to work on that!
R – Rain – when it’s this hot out, sometimes a nice thunderstorm really helps, not to mention it waters the plants for you.
S – Stand-up Paddle Boarding – Checked it off the bucket list
T – Tomatoes – DJ took on the name Farmer DJ this season.  We have tons of tomato plants and they’re finally starting to produce.  Love garden fresh tomatoes!
U – Underwater
V – Valvoline – that’s where I last got my car’s oil changed…because I know you were wondering
W – Water – to drink, to swim in…all good!
X – I can’t even think of any significant words that start with x…cop out?
Y – Yes!
Z -Zorro – I loved Zorro when I was little.


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