The spin has spun…

Don’t ask what that title means because I’m not really sure, but it came to me, so I went with it.

Yesterday was Thursday so I had my usual 6:45p class at X Gym.

X Gym has about 32 bikes in their spin room.  At the start of class I had 13 people.  One had told me that he was going to leave about 15 minutes in to the class due to a prior commitment.  (I think it’s always nice when members give you a heads up about that sort of thing.)  It was a small class, but small is OK at times.

The class ended with 11 people, of the 11, I’d say that about 5 of them were working hard and that maybe half of them were doing what I was instructing.  I know that spin is very individualized and that part of the appeal is that you can do what you want, but when it’s a small group and that many people are doing their own thing, I find it distracting.  Last night specifically, it kind of left me feeling useless.  I really felt like I was teaching to an empty room. 

Spin usually leaves me feeling energized and happy.  Last night it left me feeling annoyed and deflated.  The icing on the cake was when at the end of the class one woman decided that she should climb a hill (hand position 3) while pedaling backwards.  My “we should all be pedalling forward” did nothing to divert her.  It was maddening.

As silly as it sounds, last night’s class has left me thinking about leaving this particular gym.  I know that summers are hard and that things will likely pick up in the fall, but there are still quite a few Thursdays I’ll have to teach before the season change.

I’ve been teaching at this facility for a little over a year and find that my so-so classes have way outweighed the great ones.

Have any instructors dealt with something similar and if so, what did you do?  I left a former gym due to frustrations with management.  I got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying the class, so I chose to leave.  But that was a little different in my eyes.

Right now I’m torn with trying to stick it out until the fall, subbing out a bunch of my classes for the next two months, or just deciding to give up the class and remain on staff as a sub.  Given that this gym pays $20/class I’ve probably already spent too much time thinking about this.

Any thoughts?


6 thoughts on “The spin has spun…

  1. When you find the answer to this, let me know! I have days like this too. I have a woman that comes to my class once a week and is constantly texting on her phone. Every other class or so, she will actually TALK on her phone. One particular class, she not only texted and talked, but her 13 year old son actually entered the room to get something from her bag…not one, not two, but THREE seperate times!!!!! Then her bracelet broke into a million pieces on the floor and she proceeded to get up in the middle of class and search for all of the little pieces while the rest of us tried to work out around her.
    I feel your frustration. I have several ‘regulars’ that for whatever reason, don’t want to listen to my cues, even when I explain the reason for them. Even if the way they are doing it can cause them physical harm. Uggggg! I guess we just continue to do what we’re doing and hope that eventually, they will realize we are talking to them. Either that or they will have injured themselves to the point that they won’t be able to spin anymore!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Not sure if you’re close to a military base, but I teach at a military fitness center and I find the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen are good at following instructions during class. I would say that 95% of my classes are “great ones”, it’s rare I have a so-so class.

      1. I am in Maryland.

        You have some pretty good playlists, I’m hoping you can help me find a new song. I do Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” for jumps and the students love to sing-along. When I ask them what they want, the yell “More, More, More!” along with Billy. Unfortunately, “Rebel Yell” is getting overused, and I can’t think of another 80-110 BPM song that people can sing along with.

        Any ideas?

      2. I’m still thinking on this one. I don’t have any way to measure BPMs so I’d have to guess.
        There’s Mony Mony, although it may be too similar since it’s still Billy Idol. Warrior by Patti Smyth sometimes has people singing along. Let me get back to you with more. Of course any other readers can chime in as well.

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