When life gets in the way

I feel like I could use this to title my posts pretty frequently.

While last week I was touting my 5x/week gym attendance, this week I’m at 0.  Work has been nuts which means I’ve had to stay late, which makes it harder to get to the gym since I still have to get home for dog-face.  For tonight, a walk is just going to have to suffice.

If work continues to be this chaotic I am going to have no choice but to dig deep and get back to morning workouts.  They’re so great in that by 7am, you’re done, it’s just the waking up part that is hard.  Once I’m up, I’m good, but getting out of bed…pretty tough lately.

Thank goodness for my classes.  I’m teaching Thursday/Saturday/Sunday so at least I know I’ll step foot in a gym on those days.

In case you were wondering about the push-up form…the feedback that I’m getting is that neither (elbows out or in) are wrong.  The arm position affects the muscles worked, so a wider elbow works more of the shoulder while a narrower elbow focuses more on the triceps and deltoids.  On Saturday I’m going to have my form evaluated to make sure that I’m not dropping my hips.  I think I’m good, but it’s always nice to have confirmation.  Then….hundred push up plan…here I come!  Anyone want to do it with me?

Sorry for the short and light on the content post, but like I said, things have been CRAZY!  Have a great day!!


3 thoughts on “When life gets in the way

    1. That’s awesome. I’m thinking maybe Monday??? I believe it requires pushups 3 days a week, which isn’t too bad. I’ll put some of the info up on the blog or you can always check the website if you’d like to see for yourself.

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