You might think that SUP is as in What’s up?  But no, it stands for Stand-Up Paddle boarding.

Not me. Source

 I had wanted to try stand up paddle-boarding for quite sometime.  When I was in St. Thomas I knew they offered it, but since DJ had zero interest I figured it wasn’t the time to try it.

A few weeks ago while driving on a very small bridge over a local river, I looked to my right and saw a ton of SUPers out on the water.  My quick brain put two and two together and realized that a local kayak shop was located right there and must offer lessons.

This is the shop.

One week later I had a lesson booked.  I was pretty excited but at the same time nervous about taking a lesson solo, not because I was afraid of the actual paddling, but because I was unsure of what the makeup of the group would be.  The last thing I wanted was to be in a group of 17 year olds.

I got to the shop and headed down to the dock where I was happy to meet two others in my group, both probably had children who were 17 (phew).  Two other women joined our group, probably in their 30s/40s.  I was happy about that.

We did a quick dockside lesson (how to adjust the paddle, how to hold the paddle, how to paddle, how to get on to the board, and then how to stand from a kneeling position), then hit the water.

It was so fun!  Not easy but also not horribly difficult.  Without a doubt the more you do it, the better you get.  Which took most of us by surprise was the stability of the boards.  Only one person fell off and it was during his transition to standing and due in part to his weak knees and ankles.

I loved being out on the water on such a lovely day and getting in some physical activity without having to step foot in a gym.  I can’t wait to do it again!

Have you ever used a SUP?

Nothing quite like the serenity of paddling under the I95 overpass.

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