4th of July spin

Good morning!

I realize now that I should have been more on top of things and posted my 4th of July ride a few days before the 4th so that it might actually have value to people, but oh well.  Here it is even if it is no longer relevant.  Although I suppose it could be used for Labor Day or Memorial Day or any other day tied to America.

Some notes on the ride…

I ended up not using Freedom by Akon as the class had started late and I was trying to make up some time.  Courtesy of the Red White and Blue is most definitely a country song.  I’ve never played a country song before, but it’s a great F-you to anyone who messes with American song, so I felt it was appropriate.  I honestly have no clue if people loved it or hated it. 

Overall it was a good ride and they loved my headband.  I also gave out blue and red glow bracelets which were a nice touch.

Unfortunately the class ended up not being full.  The sign-up sheet was full by Tuesday morning.  There is a waitlist but often itmes people are deterred from signing up as they think they won’t get in.  I’d say that about 5 of the people on the list didn’t show so we had open bikes and a few waitlisted people did get in.  It was unfortunate though.  That is my one issue with the whole call-ahead to sign up policy, it makes it so easy to not follow through without consequences.

But aside from that it, it was fun and a great start to the day!  My sister came up after and we had grand plans of eating the most awesome salad ever, but that came to a halt when we saw that the restaurant was closed for the holiday.  Boo! Hiss!  But we got over it, had lunch and then spent the rest of the day by the pool with the neighbor friends.  It was lovely!

I hope you had wonderful holidays and took a few minutes to give thanks to those that serve to allow us to be free.

Fireworks at Citi Field


And now it’s Thursday, I think it’s Monday, I’m all confused….


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