Happy 3rd!

I’m so happy because I found out that my office is closing at 2pm today, hooray!!  It’s great to have a day off mid-week but it’s even nicer to have a shortened day the day before.

I’m off to the Mets/Phils game tonight but am most excited because it’s FIREWORKS night!  When the Mets played at Shea Stadium I went to quite a few fireworks shows there because they were AMAZING.  I’m hoping that this year doesn’t disappoint.  But really, how can it be bad when I’ll be with my family and DJ. 🙂

I’m teaching tomorrow at 10am and am so last-minute Lenora right now.  I need to make a ride with an America/patriotic theme and I still haven’t done it.  Looks like it will probably happen tomorrow morning before class.  So last-minute!  Good thing I wake up early so I’ll definitely have the time.

I have however started to compile a list of some songs that might work.  While there are a ton of rock and classic rock songs, I didn’t want the whole ride to sound the same, so my goal is to mix it up.

Here’s a preliminary list of a few songs I’m eyeing…
Waving’ Flag – K’naan (bonus is that I already have this song)
American Woman – Lenny Kravitz
Star Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston (I’ll have to actually listen to it to see what (if anything) I can do with it)
1812 Overture – Bond
4th of July (Fireworks) – Kelis (I think Kelis is hip-hop but I’m not even sure)
The American Way – Crystal Method (I either love them or hate them, so will have to check this song out)
Sweet Freedom – Safri Duo
Freedom – Akon

I think that quite a few of these songs won’t be obviously part of the theme but I think that’s a good thing.  If all these songs work out, I’m well on my way!

Also hit up Party City yesterday to buy glow bracelets in red/blue for the class and this little treat for myself.

Have a happy 4th of July!



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