My day

Yesterday started out like this…

Getting dressed in the morning I decided to go with a new skirt.  Put it on only to find that the zipper is a bit temperamental and it takes both DJ and me to get it to cooperate.  But we zipped it and all was good.

On the way to work I stopped for coffee.  Got my coffee and then the lady who helps me says something that sounds like this “miss, your sipper is down”.  I look at my coffee cup and am thinking, yes, the cover for the hole is down, don’t worry, I won’t try to drink it this way. As I turn to leave, again she says “your sipper” at which point I realize sipper=zipper and I’m in trouble.  Stupid thing split.

So I tug down my shirt and get in the car.  Thankfully I had a cardigan so I tied it around my waist and hit the bathroom at the office immediately.  I realized that the little eye/hook thing at the top of the skirt hadn’t been fastened, so I did that and then zipped it up.

Thankfully it held up but a) i was nervous all day and b) i realized (from extra mirror looking) that I just didn’t love my outfit, which is an annoying feeling to have.

At lunch I hit up all the “affordable” stores in one given shopping center to try to find a replacement skirt or pants.  Marshall’s, Old Navy, and even Dress Barn.  Nada!  So I returned to work in the same skirt and hoped for the best.  As a result I was even more anxious for 5pm then usual.

Lovely start to the day!


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