When an instructor becomes a friend

What a pleasant topic, right?

I love instructing! (I think we all know that.)  I love meeting new people and getting to know them, not just as their instructor, but as their friend.  I know not everyone wants to be friends with their instructor, but when they’re willing, so am I.

I actually have quite a few friendships that started out in the spin room.  In some cases I didn’t know the person before class, in other cases I knew them from the gym and then our friendship grew from seeing each other regularly in class.

I am the instructor and therefore I lead the class, but besides that, I’m no different than any other member.  I also want members to know that I’m not just a spin instructor, I have a full-time job, a life, and interests.  I think they like that.

Today the instructor/friend level hit an all time high (in my opinion).

I have the email addresses of a lot of my Saturday members due to the fact that I’ve organized a few 3 hour fundraising rides.  Therefore I’ll occasionally reach out to them when I have something to say.

One of my regulars told me back in January or February that she was pregnant.  It was great to see her continue to workout and look great at the same time.  She was due in June so I knew that when I went away for vacation at the end of May, she might not be in class when I returned.  Since she’s had to be taking it easier we’ve been in touch via email.  Me occasionally checking up on her, and her writing to let me know…not yet.

Today I got an email that she had the baby on Monday night.  She even included a picture!  I thought it was so incredibly sweet that she took the time out of her (surely chaotic) schedule to shoot me an email.  It really warmed my heart.

And since it left me smiling, I figured I’d pass the story on.

If you’re an instructor, have you had something similar happen?  What about just as a member?  Any friends who you met through the gym?


2 thoughts on “When an instructor becomes a friend

  1. I’m a trainer and have many friends who were clients. Some of them have faded away over the years, but a few I continue to keep in great touch with. I even invited 3 to my wedding!!!

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