Good tidings!

Happy Monday to you!

I’m actually in Tampa for work today.  Left lousy weather in CT to come to lousy weather in FL.  Yuck.  Flight was at 6:30a and was delayed on the runway just under an hour, which didn’t effect me much since I was (almost) sound asleep.  Guess that’s when happens when you wake up at 4am.

How were the weekends?

Weekend here was nice (too short as usual).  Friday night I had dinner with a friend at a restaurant neither of us had been to.  It was restaurant week locally, which means a 3 course dinner for $29.95.  Company was great and food was good.  The atmosphere was interesting.  It’s an upscale Mexican restaurant with a dark gothic decor.  Strange.

Saturday was very busy with errands and then a date night with the sig other.  After much thought we decided to be all cute and go to Rye Playland.  Neither of us had been there since we were kids.  Let’s just say sometimes things are better off in your memory.  But anyway…we hit up the Dragoncoaster, which is a wooden roller coaster so it was a rough ride.  Then hit a newer coaster which mocks being a pilot.  It was fun but did make me a bit dizzy.  Then somehow I agreed to go on this… 

Let’s just say this was the beginning of the end.  I really didn’t know what I had gotten myself in to.

We were securely locked in but even so I was totally airborne (practically in the fetal position) with my eyes closed the entire time.  At one point DJ asked if I had my cell phone.  At which point I toyed with opening my eyes to check but quickly said screw it, if I lose my cell phone, I lose my cell phone (it wasn’t mine).  That’s how bad it was.

We got off the ride and the nausea hit…as did a headache and sweating.  It was lovely.  I never got sick (thankfully) but I felt like crap.  Why did I go on that ride?

That ended our trip to Playland.  We walked around a bit more but didn’t do anymore rides.  Lesson learned…Jessica is not fun at amusement parks.

Thankfully I did start to feel better and we were able to enjoy the rest of our date night.

Sunday I was up early to sub a 9:15 (guess it’s not that early) class.  Can I tell you that I really like subbing?  I know it’s weird, but it is true.  What I like about subbing is that when I walk in no one knows who I am or if I’m any good. I LOVE the feeling after class when everyone has gotten a great workout and is happy.  I like knowing that I was responsible for that (and hopefully exceeded their expectations as well).  Any other instructors feel this way about subbing?

Time to get the day started.  Have a fabulous day!

Anyone else have issues with rides as they’ve gotten older?


3 thoughts on “Good tidings!

  1. Hahaha! Are you kidding me? I think I’ve got a few years on you Jessica, but I haven’t been able to go on rides in a while. Especially anything that spins in circles. Even your basic park swing makes me nauseous, so you are definitely not alone. Should be interesting, because we are taking the kids to Universal Studios in a few weeks. Good thing my husband has a steel stomach!

    As far as subbing goes, I can just sub in my own gym. That means most of the people that take another instructor’s classes take mine anyway. I do like it when they get excited that I’m subbing because they like my class. I’m not saying my class is better, but……well, ok, yes I am. 🙂

  2. Totally! It has been years since I’ve been on a ride but I do remember that the last time I went on one I walked away with a headache and my whole body felt like it had been shaken in a Vitamix.

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