Turning over a new leaf

Good morning!

I think I’ve hit rock bottom and as a result am finally going to get back on track with eating and working out.  While my eating hasn’t been horrible, my working out has been somewhat non-existent (aside from teaching 2x/week).

I am going to the gym tonight!  DJ has a softball game but not until 8p so he’s on dog-duty after work and I’m going right to the gym.  This is going to happen.  Nothing will stand in my way.

It’s also time to ween myself off of crack sugar.  I have a sweet tooth like nobody’s business.  But I also have a stomach that really doesn’t like sugar.  I LOVE baked goods but I don’t love how I feel the next day…my sugar-hangover if you will.

Last night I went out with a bang!  My neighbor was so kind as to share some of her desserts from Father’s Day and I ended up with a few small brownies and some key lime pie (with praline crust).  Wow.  It was good, but boy was it sweet.  I ate it and enjoyed every moment and then woke up this morning with a stomach ache and feeling blah.  So I think I’m not ready to work on eliminating a good chunk of sugar from my diet.

I’m not going cold turkey because it’s difficult and can be limiting, but I am definitely staying away from desserts and baked goods.  Wish me luck!

In honor of full disclosure, I’ll also admit that my alarm yesterday morning was set for 5:05a and I most definitely got up to reset my alarm and went back to bed.  Mornings have been a bit rough lately, but hopefully I can change that too.

Time to be productive!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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