Seriously, this week has taken its toll.  I’m SOOOO glad that it’s Friday!

Work has been insane, which is good and bad.  Right now I’m just focusing on the fact that when work is nuts, you appreciate your weekends that much more.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and as a result, spin attendance suffered.  In general my Thursday night class competes with a big happy hour night, but add in to the mix beautiful weather, and spin doesn’t always win out.

I used the same ride as last Saturday but added a few songs to get it to the hour.

I added Hanuman by Rodrigo y Gabriela for an extended warm-up.  The song has a really nice sound to it and was a good transition song.  I also added Till I Collapse by Nate Dog and Eminem.  This song has become a bit more current as it’s featured in a commercial for some new movie.  In my opinion this song just begs for a heavy climb so I added it in after Rock This Town.  For my final song I added in a Coach Tabata song (can’t remember which genre) so we ended strong with Tabata sprints.

This time the 45-60 minute transition was easy.  Add 3 songs and done.  If only they all went that smoothly.

I signed up to sub a class on the 4th of July and want to throw in some not-so-obvious patriotic songs.  Any ideas?  Think it would be frowned upon to hand out sparklers?  Might set off the smoke alarm and cool us down post-ride.

Have a fabulous Friday!!


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