Mission accomplished

Howdy!  This week is already kicking my butt yet it’s only Tuesday.  I’d like to think things can only get better from here.

The day was made especially memorable when I spilled very hot coffee all over my face, my cardigan, and the break room counter.  When I say hot, it was hot…my chin was stinging for some time after. 

I’m so sad that the weekend is a thing of the past.  It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed it.

As I set out to do, I did put together a new ride on Friday night.  While it didn’t take an hour, it wasn’t too too bad.  Since I had a running list in my head of songs I wanted, that part was easy.  Thing is, they’re definitely top 40 and sometimes they’re lacking in staying power.  Only one way to find out.

Here’s the ride…

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory – Warm up
Turn up the Music – Chris Brown – Climb – first climbing song, mix things up, pick ups on the chorus
Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benetar – Climb – moderate to heavy
Right Now – Van Halen – Climb – heavy, out of the saddle, pick ups on chorus
Let’s Go – Calvin Harris feat Neyo – Sprints (3 of them, about :30 each)
Rock Your Body – Black Eyed Peas – Climb – moderate, nice pace, in the saddle
Scream – Usher – Climb – moderate/heavy, pick ups on the chorus
Breathe Me – Sia – Climb – heavy slow seated climb
Baba O’Reilly – The Who – Climb – moderate, standing climb, last minute, pick up the pace as the song picks up
Rock This Town – Stray Cats – Jumps – start with 6 count, end with 4, heavier along the way

I know my descriptions are vague.  Lately I jot down a general action for a song but really play off how the song feels to me that day (and how the class responds).  If you want any additional information, let me know.

I liked the ride overall.  There were a couple of non-Jessica songs in there that I’ll call out…

Breathe Me – this song is slooow…and it’s sung by a female (you may have noticed that I have very few female singers in my playlists).  The funny story with this song is that while i was on vacation the girl who subbed for me played a slow song for a climb and one of the regulars in class didn’t hold back and said something along the lines of “this song is too slow for a climb”.  Therefore there was a bit of irony behind my decision to play this song.  I found out who he was though and was happy that he kept his mouth shut during my slow song. 🙂

Rock This Town – Totally not my usual style but it has a decent beat and I thought the riders might like something different.  It was fine, not my favorite, but it did the trick.

Now I have to turn it in to a 60 minute ride for Thursday.  I never understand why something as simple as adding +/- 15 minutes can be so time-consuming

Any favorite work out songs that I should keep an ear out for?


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