Almost there

Hooray, it’s Friday!  I hate to wish away time but would have absolutely no problem if it were magically 5pm! 🙂

This week has felt very looooong!

Class last night was OK.  It was actually pretty empty (12 people), but they were troopers and I appreciated that.  We did the Don’t Back Down ride which is a doozy and they took it well.  That ride is tough for riders because a) it’s a heavy hill for most of the ride  b) it forces them to push themselves and c) it’s not particularly exciting as it’s more or less just climbing.

I’m still hoping to put together a new ride tonight and will of course share it with you next week.

Last night as I was driving home from the gym I found myself looking to the sky.  Recently I have found myself more and more in awe with the sky and the beauty of the clouds/sun/whatever.  I’ve also been thinking about how much I used to LOVE photography.  I realized right then that I wanted to go back to doing some photography with a focus on the sky.  Since I want to be able to share these pictures I’ve decided to (for now) create a new feature on this blog.  Since it’s not at all spin/fitness/eating related, I’m going to save it for the weekends.

Debuting tomorrow will be Sky Saturdays (or Sky Sundays).  Really it will just give me a convenient spot to share some photos.  Maybe down the line I’ll stop, or move to another blog for that purpose, but for the time being, the sky is coming to Fit Talker.

On that note, time to be productive.  I promise a spin related post is coming soon!  Have a great weekend!!


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