A miss

I set one goal for myself this week and that was to download some new music and come up with a new (or spruced up) spin ride.  So far it’s a miss.  Maybe I can get it done tomorrow night, but that’s a solid maybe.  Ugh.

I desperately want/need new music but somehow the time factor is an issue.  It never takes less than an hour and can sometimes take 2 or 3 for me to put together a ride.  During the week this time is very hard to come by.

I need to download Scream by Usher and Let’s Go by Ney-o/Calvin Harris.  I know there are others but of course I can’t think of them right now.  I should make a (written) list.

I also like to think that a spin ride will just come to me during the day and at lunch I can jot it down and be set.  While I still think it’s possible, it has never happened.

I really want a new ride for the Saturday class, so I’m going to make that happen…unless Yanks/Mets tickets to Friday night’s game somehow appear.  You never know.  There’s always something, isn’t there?

I’m dealing with some weird cold/sinus thing this week, and while I called it that, I’m really hoping it’s just allergies.  Generally speaking, I feel fine, I just have a ton of pressure in my face (mainly my nose) and have had a persistent headache.  Does anyone know if it’s possible to have a sinus infection without feeling sick??


In unrelated areas, I’m so happy it’s almost officially “summer”.  Although I’m usually a bit sad at the start as I get very jealous of the teachers out there who transition to a summer with no work.  If only I liked kids…  One thing I truly hate about the summer though is the bugs, or rather, the mosquitos.  Think of the most delicious food that makes you want to eat it and never stop.  That is me to the mosquitoes.  It’s ridic!

While I was away I got eaten and DJ did not have one bite.  Not one.  So….I did some research and found out that the amount of CO2 that you release can affect just how bitten you get.  Apparently this correlates to the following categories being more likely to be eaten…overweight, pregnant, or high-metabolism.  After reading that particular article I realized I must have a high metabolism since the other two didn’t apply.  Hmmm…I am hungrier than the average person, so maybe???   Further research taught me that to that list I could add people with Type O blood.  Of course I’m O Positive.  Stellar.  So maybe the high metabolism is out the window? 

I’ve read a few things about how consuming additional B12 might help, but it’s not been proven.  Honestly, my fragrance of the summer has become eau de bug spray.  Very fancy and chic! While I’m sure it’s horribly bad for me, I did find a super-duper strength bug spray at Home Depot.  It’s 96% Deet which is unheard of as the most I ever saw was Off Deep Woods which I think is around 26%.  Granted it will probably cause my limbs to fall off, but at least I’ll be bite free prior.  I kid, but really, if it works, I’m happy. 

Any tricks for preventing or treating bites?


One thought on “A miss

  1. Oh yeah…my mother heard somewhere that listerine can act like bug spray so I went out and purchased a large container of original listerine and put it in a spray bottle. It’s refreshing (aside from the medicinal spray) but so far it hasn’t done much to quell the bites.

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